Healthcare Consortium of illinois

The Healthcare Consortium of Illinois is an organization of partners committed to developing and maintaining targeted, community-based, integrated health

Phalanx Family Service Center

Social services organization in Chicago, Illinois

Proud Sponsor of One Summer Chicago

Connecting Youth to a Successful Future with a Summer Job in Chicago. Mayor Rahm Emanuel's One Summer Chicago brings together government institutions

Chicago Police Department

Young Explorers

Students are able to receive hands on experience during their mock trial. This includes learning opportunity in the field of Criminal Justice, Social Services, and inside the court room.

Chicago Park District

Extra-Curricular Activites

Students are able to take Extra Curricular Activities with the local Park District  at Ada Park. Students have the option to learn basic boxing skills , Interpreted Dance and Arts Crafts.

Holy Name of Mary in Partnership with the Chicago Greater Food Depository

Voulunteerism and Interning

Partnered Site for the Students of MOMS Enrichment to Volunteer and Intern at The Holy Name of Mary Soup Kitchen. Sponsored by the Chicago Greater Food Depository.

MOMS Enrichment Center Inc. NFP  in Consortium with the CPS Charter School Chapter to bring an After School Program that is suited for an Elite group of students from various other public schools within the community. They aide in providing an exceptional program that serves the whole child with a holistic approach.

MOMS Enrichment Center Inc and Summer Food Service Program, are contracted to aide in feeding students and adults with disability of various neighborhoods for the summer months. The Campaign, "Time To Eat," are for all 0-18 years of age.

8 Shtoz, a traveling Music Studio, and MOMS Enrichment Center Inc. NFP has partnered to serve the community by way of music to connect the young and the seasoned.  

MOMS Enrichment Center work with The Workforce Development in the 100,000K Initiative to put the youth 16 to 24 year of age to work. Adults 25 and older have employment opportunities and trainings available.

Ambassador Floral is a local business where MOMS Kids Intern. They are able to cultivate entrepreneurial skills and work ethics.

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